Jabe M. The Journey to Health

I've always had that voice inside my head telling me to do SOMETHING to improve my health. I would push it down and out of the way and drag through my day to day as best as I felt I could. I also knew that I was overweight because every time I went to a physicians appointment, they would tell me that I needed to eat better or, at the very least, be more active. I would convince myself that I had more time to 'get right', but more time always came and went. I felt disgusting. I LOOKED disgusting. Depressed didn't come close to what I felt. But I buried it deep and went on, never really knowing how to proceed for years.

One day, I happened to make contact with a friend who told me of a new gym opening in town and that I should check out. 'CrossFit Dagda', he said. I said I would soon, pushing it back in my mind like all the other advice I've heard. Then, a few days later, while at work delivering pizza, it happened. I was presented with THE breaking point that would make me hear that far distant voice like a bullhorn in my ear. I was robbed by 2 individuals with ball bats. All they wanted was the pizza I was carrying and, happily, I gave it up and walked away uninjured. I then began to think, 'Is this unfit lump all I have should I ever need to defend myself? What about my wife if she's with me and, God forbid, this should ever happen again? What kind protector could I POSSIBLY be?' That was what it took to get me to realize that NOW is the time to get my body right. Fear. Screaming its bloody head off straight at my face. I immediately contacted my friend about the new gym and said 'I want in.' Any fear of what I may encounter in any gym was far outweighed by my desire to be there and to correct that which I had been neglecting for so many years.

I weighed in at 305 pounds! But I was finally beginning the journey. My own 'Battle out of hell'. Workout after arduous workout, scaling where necessary. As the weeks and months progressed, so did I. Now, some workouts are tough and some, not so tough. But all are fun and very welcomed! My first 'WooHooo!' moment was my first 3 month weigh in. After changing my eating habits and staying committed to at least 3 days of CrossFit a week, I was excited to see the number on the scale had dropped from 305# to 272#!

10 months into this journey and I'm down to 225 pounds! 25 more pounds to go to reach my target weight and I'm not quitting! The energy I experienced long ago in my youth has returned! I now run up flights of stairs! I feel great, and I can't thank CF Dagda enough for showing and encouraging me to do what I've needed all along! Like all those people in infomercials have said some many times before, 'If I can do this, so can you!'

My first impression of CrossFit Dagda was that these people are the professionals and that's what I need. That impression certainly hasn't changed!

My advice to anyone that finds themselves in the condition I was in is simply this: Don't wait any longer! There IS a better way! You don't have to feel less than you are any longer. At CF Dagda, there is guidance and encouragement from every angle. Scale where necessary, and you WILL see the results!

- Jabe M.

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