Michael E.- Not Just A Chore

What brought me to doing CF was actually watching the CF games as well as the documentaries on Netflix. I wanted to do something about my weight and health and going to a traditional gym was not doing anything for me. I would spend my time just doing cardio and very little weight training. When I saw what CF was doing for others and how supportive everyone was to each other, I wanted to be a part of that community. I found CF Dagda by going to the CF website and searching for the closest box to me. When I saw that there was a intro class that I could try for free, I thought what do I have to lose?

My first impression of CF was, 'how am I going to get through this workout?'. I had no idea what I was doing and was a little intimidated by what everyone was doing. After going through the foundations classes, I gained confidence. It was then less intimidating because I learned that I can modify the workout to suit my needs. Everyone can do this to suit their needs so they can all have a great time working out.

Now, I look forward to sweating, being tired, sore, and completing the workouts. I love the feeling of getting through a workout and looking at what I just did. A lot has changed for me in the 6 months that I have been at Dagda!

My first achievement that was a 'bright spot' for me was the first time my son started doing burpees on his own in our living room. I am trying to set a good example for my son by working out and bringing him with me and to see him mimicking what he is seeing me do is great. He is having fun 'working out' and enjoys going to the gym with me! It's great!

I am working on continuing to get into better health. By staying committed to the workouts and my diet, I can set an example for my family that working out and eating right can actually be fun and not just a chore.

My favorite Dagda memory is actually my very first workout. We had to do Cindy, I had no idea who Cindy was or what it was. I could barely do the push-ups and pull-ups after 2 or 3 rounds. The other members and coach Sheina were super encouraging to me and helped me finish the workout. Flash forward 6 months and Cindy is reincorporated into the WOD and I am able to knock it out! It's easy to be discouraged when you struggle with working out but having the community support me and then just seeing progress, motivates me to keep on improving.

You just need to keep at it. There are days where it is tougher than you would have imagined, but you are at least doing something. Don't give up and keep fighting for yourself. For me this has been for myself, to show myself that I can still change my life. We are not stuck and we all have a great opportunity to do something about it. Keep pushing yourself!

- Michael E.

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