CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning, weight loss program consisting of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains. Which means we use every day movements to help you get fit and lose weight with workouts that are different every day!

Upon completion of the beginners course, you are free to take part in regular group classes. Group classes typically consist of the following elements:

- Warm Up

- Skill and/or Strength Work

- A Coach provided overview of the Workout of the Day which includes scaling options

* All movements are scalable and can be modified to meet your skill level, ensuring you always get the most out of the WOD.

- The WOD or (Workout of the Day)

- A Cool Down Stretch

Group training is an incredibly motivational aspect of CrossFit. The classes are coach led and consist of endurance and strength training which will help you become strong, lean, and lose weight. The other members will help you push past your personal barriers and complete workouts you never thought would be possible.

Because CrossFit Dagda is a community, feel free to relax and hang out upon completion of your workout. This is a perfect opportunity to encourage other athletes, share tips and techniques, or simply get to know other Dagda members.
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