Carina B. - Motivation

Carina has been a Dagda athlete since October 2017. She really committed to losing weight and getting fit in January 2018 by making some lifestyle changes. In just 2 months (March and April) Carina has lost 24 pounds!! We are so proud of her and the effort she puts into every workout! Here is Carina's story:

I moved to San Antonio 2 years ago and the first year all I did was party, eat and be lazy.

The second year I realized I was so unhealthy so I joined a gym. I actually didn't like going to the gym because I needed a better motivator and didn't like working out alone. Towards the end of 2017 I decided to join a CrossFit gym to make new friends and to find better motivation. I joined Crossfit Dagda because they were the only gym to answer a phone call and I'm so glad they did!

When I started doing CrossFit I kept questioning myself about when I was going to get hurt. I have horrible ankles and I had reconstruction surgery on both my knees because I tore my ACL's. I no longer think I'm going to get hurt because CrossFit Dagda is all about safety. People were just putting negative, false information in my head about CrossFit. I feel safe when I work out at CrossFit Dagda. I haven't gotten hurt - I've just become stronger and fitter!

My first 'Bright Spot' was when I actually went to CrossFit Dagda for 5 consecutive days; Monday-Friday. This showed others how serious I was about working out in a CrossFit gym and getting fitter!

Right now I am working on my double under's (jump rope), and I can do more than 2 without breaking thanks to the help of Dagda coaches!

My favorite Dagda memory so far is when I was doing overhead squats near the end of a workout, there were 10 seconds left, and I was about to drop the bar. Coach Michael just shouted 'do two more' and without thinking I just listened and did two more. It felt really great because I really wanted to just end it but I didn't!! lol I did the impossible of two more reps. That is the motivation I needed!

I think everyone should give CrossFit Dagda a try because you will fall in love and have fun doing it!
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