Vanessa V. - Before Sunrise

Vanessa has been a Dagda member since September 2017. She grew up playing volleyball and has always enjoyed fitness. We believe she would make a great CrossFit competitor but that isn't what interests her right now. She just wants to workout, have fun and crush some goals! Which she does and we are all proud of her and her progress!

Here is Vanessa's Story:

I moved to San Antonio for college and was looking for a new box. I instantly fell in love with CF Dagda when I attended my first class.

It was just Coach Sheina and I doing the workout together for my first class at Dagda. I could tell the coaches were extremely encouraging and had great coaching techniques. I signed up for my monthly membership that day!

My first bright spot was stringing together my double unders more consistently. I had like one or two double unders before coming to Dagda, but with the help of all of the coaches I am able to string together over 30!

Right now I am following the program and working to increase my one rep max in each of my lifts. I'm also building strength by doing the extra work provided by the coaches outside of the WOD.

My favorite Dagda memory is the 5:30am crew! We had a consistent group that came every morning to get their workout done before the sun even rose. If my abs weren’t sore from the workout, it was from laughing too hard! Every morning they challenged me to push myself and kept me accountable.

(Or that time Samantha ripped her leggings in the workout haha)

When you come to CF Dagda be ready to laugh a bunch, create memories and sweat a whole lot while doing it :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 TODAY

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