Julie L. No Excuses

Julie has been a Dagda athlete since October 2017. She has always been excited to workout and no matter how hot it is or how hard the workout is; she always gets it done with a smile!! Julie is improving every day and we love seeing her accomplish her goals! Here's a little more info about Julie :)

I came to CF Dagda because I was looking for a gym / box closer to home. I was skeptical since I was leaving a great crossfit box!. But I wasn't disappointed.

My first impression of CF Dagda was.. Wow! I found a great place and trainers took personal interest. That impression hasn't changed!

My first big achievement was using a sand bag! 😳

I'm currently working on Consistency!!! My goal is - make 12 classes this month! And so on! No excuses.

My favorite Dagda memory is when I realized I can do more on the assault bike🤦🏻‍♀️.!

My advice to anyone considering going to CF Dagda is - They sincerely care about you and want you to achieve your goals,

I Love 💕 Crossfit Dagda

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 TODAY

6737 Poss Rd., Suite #105
San Antonio, TX 78238 (view larger map)