Debbie G. - Accomplished

Debbie started at CF Dagda because her dream was to work in Law Enforcement and she needed to pass the physical fitness test (which she passed with ease!). Debbie has worked hard from day 1 and everything she has achieved is down to her own determination and willingness to achieve her dreams! Here is Debbie's story:

CF Dagda allowed me to reach new levels of physical fitness. When I started at Dagda, I wanted to begin a career in law enforcement which meant that I needed to be at my best in terms of physical ability - CrossFit enabled me to be at my best all the way up to the beginning of my new career.

At the beginning, I found that CrossFit was extremely challenging! Now, however, I see it as an achievement every time I complete a workout at Dagda.

My first big achievement with CF Dagda was being physically prepared to complete my physical readiness test for Texas DPS.

Currently, I am staying physically fit and healthy as I pursue my new goals with Texas DPS.

My most memorable experiences with CF Dagda was working out at 5am. I made new friendships which encouraged me to attend every workout I possibly could! The community at CF Dagda was friendly and motivated me to always try my hardest and attend as frequently as possible.

If I were to give advice to someone new to CF Dagda, I would tell them not to worry about their fitness levels. Everything can be scaled to their ability so they can best improve and reach their own personal fitness goals!
6737 Poss Rd., Suite #105
San Antonio, TX 78238 (view larger map)