Time For A Change

Carlos joined CrossFit Dagda in hopes of reclaiming his healthy and active lifestyle. Carlos’ goal is to obtain a job in the federal field and knows this type of career requires that he maintain his physical fitness. Although he was originally skeptic, Carlos was able to completely transform himself in just 6 short months and is now eager to take on all fitness tests that are required of him. Here is Carlos’ story:

Before finding CrossFit Dagda, I struggled with dieting and staying active. I could not find time to exercise on a regular basis, and I always settled for fast food. I would socially drink every weekend as a stress reliever from work and everyday life. I was afraid to get back into CrossFit due to bad experiences.

These struggles affected me for almost two years. When I stopped working out and staying active, I developed a sedentary lifestyle. I seldom wanted to go outside or even participate in recreational activities with my friends. I was committed to my career but not my health.

The programming at CrossFit Dagda was a miracle.  The coaches actually listen to their athletes’ needs and wants. They do their best to accommodate each and every athlete that walks through the front door.  The programming is flawless. The coaches thoroughly research the best programming for their athletes, and because of their efforts, I have seen incredible results.  

CrossFit Dagda changed my lifestyle. I am not as tired, and am for the most part happy and healthy. I am able to move like I used to two years ago.  I enjoy walking into the box and striking up a conversation with the coaches and fellow athletes. I used to be nervous before each workout but at Dagda, I can’t wait to get started.  CrossFit Dagda helped me change my lifestyle for the better. Very few boxes in town can do that.

My first bright spot was getting my Muscle Up’s back.  Coach Sheina even taught me a few techniques to help me string them together in a nice, fluid motion.  I have always wanted to improve on my gymnastics, and Dagda’s coaching was spot on.  Each coach took the time to explain and dissect my movements.  

For now, I am working on bettering my fitness to obtain a job in the federal field.  I am currently working with the state and want to move up.  The federal sector is very focused on fitness. I used to be very pessimistic, but now I am ready to tackle each fitness test that comes my way. I have a positive outlook from here on out.  

If I were to give someone new to CF Dagda advice, I would say Dagda is not just a CrossFit box, it is a tight knit community who cares about their athletes.  When you walk in, you are always greeted with a smile and a warm hello.  If you are looking to go far in CrossFit, Dagda is the place for you.  The coaches do not just focus on top athletes, they care about everyone and want nothing but success for each individual. If you are looking for a place to change your lifestyle, Dagda is the place to be!!
6737 Poss Rd., Suite #105
San Antonio, TX 78238 (view larger map)